The Summer Games Done Quick Charity Speedrun Marathon Kicked Off This Weekend

Today marks the start of Summer Games Done Quick, a non-stop week long marathon where the best speedrunners in the world gather to entertain us while raising money for charity.

Awesome Games Done Quick, which took place in January, raised an astounding $1,216,304.02 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. With this SGDQ, they hope to raise as much as they can for Doctors Without Borders.

SGDQ 2016 kicks off with Super Mario Sunshine and ends with Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The event runs from July 3-9 2016 and you can check out the full schedule below.

<strong>SGDQ 2016 Schedule</strong>

If you wish to show your support during Summer Games Done Quick, here are various ways you can do so:

<strong>Donate Directly</strong>
Donate directly to SGDQ via their website which also allows you to put your donation to one of their many challenges and choices.
<strong>The Yetee SGDQ Store</strong>

Yetee Shirts on sale for charity!

Purchase official tee’s via The Yetee SGDQ collection. The Yetee will donate $3 towards Doctors Without Borders. Shirts are available during SGDQ and until July 10th at midnight CST.

<strong>Humble Bundle</strong>
Purchase the SGDQ 2016 Humble Bundle. All contributions to this bundle will support Doctors Without Borders.

Games Done Quick provides us with two of the most entertaining gaming events of the year.

If you want to join in the fun you can participate by:

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