The r/Twitch Monthly Channel Feedback Thread is Back

If you are a newer broadcaster and you have yet to participate in r/Twitch’s monthly channel feedback thread, you should.

This thread is designed solely so that users can give and give some thoughtful, detailed, and constructive criticism from like-minded individuals.

After posting a review to other people looking for advice within the thread you can then post a channel link, a link to a highlight, and a screenshot of your overlay for feedback.

Consider and give comments on aspects such as:

  • how your peers brand themselves overall
  • overlay layout/webcam placement and sizing
  • layout of their info area
  • how they handle chat interaction (look at their VOD if they are not live when you review them)
  • video quality
  • audio quality
  • the games they choose
  • features they have or perhaps lack that you think would be useful for them anything else you can think of

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