The r/Twitch ‘Month in Review’ Mega-Thread is now Live

Back in August, r/Twitch introduced their newest monthly mega-threads as a place where community members are welcome to share experiences, positive or negative, from your past month on Twitch and, if you did, how you dealt with it, as well as share your long and short term goals, and how you’ve progressed towards those over the past month.

This is a great place to reflect upon yourself as a Twitch streamer but also keep in mind that the mega-thread is not for stream feedback or reviews, they have the monthly feedback thread for that.

Some things you may want to cover:

  • New things you tried, did they work out?
  • Streams you did and which seemed to be popular or unpopular with your community or new viewers. (Creative? New games?)
  • Progress towards your goals
  • Fun experiences
  • Bad experiences that you learned from, or need advice on
  • New goals, or how you’re changing your goal
  • Advice based on what you learned
  • Advice you want

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