The Party has Arrived – A New Twitch Team Focused on Fun Streams and Friendly Communities

Early yesterday morning Obezianka took to Twitter to annouce a new stream team, The Party. The party is a new Twitch team focused on fun streams and friendly communities. Their team consists of FotiGames, IronChefBobbyFlail, JonSandman, McLoken, Molly (LollyGaming), Obezianka, and TheHunterWild.

The Party is co-founded with Moblord, Josh “Santa” Belkin, and Joel Sheng, who also form The Party’s dedicated management team. With seven content creators and seven different schedules, The Party will be able to provide around-the-clock live content that focuses on being welcoming, energizing, and engaging.

Together, these ten individuals are excited to bring The Party to Twitch! To kick things off, the team is celebrating with a 24-hour launch marathon beginning at 7 AM EDT with Obezianka and culminating with a special FuF stream with JonSandman.

via The Party Blog

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