The Oscars Are Being Streamed Live on Twitch

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Twitch and IMDb are teaming up this year to stream the Oscars in real time.

Roll out the purple carpet and throw on that bowtie because it’s Oscars time. This year, Twitch and IMDb are getting together for a Live Viewing Party, and everyone is invited.

The Oscars have always been a time to gather around the TV, watch all the stars you love (or love to hate) parade around in their Sunday best, and comment on everything. Now we’re making room on the couch for Twitch Chat.

This Sunday, tune into at 5pm PT for an Oscars pre-show featuring Dave Karger, Rachel Smith, and line up of celebrity guests who will provide you with insider commentary and discussion.

When the award show begins, the stream turns into the ultimate companion experience for movie fans — integrating IMDb facts, real-time tweets, pre-produced interviews with nominees, and of course, your own commentary via Twitch Chat.

Co-stream and create your own Oscars talk show

Similar to E3, we’re giving you the ability to co-stream and celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night with your community. All you have to do is set your broadcast software to capture the stream live on, set your “game” to IMDb Live Viewing Party, and add your own commentary.”

via Twitch Blog

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