The OP Group Discusses Sponsorships – Why They Are Important & Beneficial To Broadcasters

Earlier this week the OP Group released another blog article discussing sponsorships. Sponsorships can be very beneficial to broadcasters as they provide an added revenue stream on their monthly income as well as building a relationship with said company. Omeed breaks down sponsorships 101, below are a few bullet points from the blog entry, head over to the OP Blog for the full read.

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  • Consistency: Subscribers and donations fluctuate seasonally, but sponsorships provide an “always-on” revenue stream. This means a streamer can sleep a little easier at night, knowing they’ve got the income to pay the rent.
  • Ease of Use: A good sponsorship doesn’t require a ton of day-to-day effort to support. There’s definitely work to be done consistently, but a lot of the hardest stuff happens at the beginning while setting up.
  • Non-Selloutiness: Sponsors are generally welcomed by communities, who view them as supporters of the stream, rather than opportunistic marketing moments.
  • Synergy: A good sponsorship comes from a brand a streamer either uses or could recommend their audience use. When the streamer can speak passionately and honestly about the sponsor, it feels authentic and meaningful.
  • Credibility: Once you are established with a few good sponsors, it becomes significantly easier to find additional sponsors and promotions.

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