The New Twitch Chat Experience on Uploads Is Rolling Out To Select Channels

The Twitch Uploads open beta first debuted at TwitchCon 2016. Since then, many improvements have been made based on community feedback.

To kick off May, they’ve launched their biggest update yet. The Twitch Chat experience is coming to uploads. Community members can now leave messages, reply, and add emotes (includes sub only) to uploaded videos.

Below is a full explanation of the updated feature!

When you watch an uploaded video on Twitch, your interactions will be timestamped and baked into the experience for all future viewers to see. Whether you want to reply to other viewers, leave commentary on your own videos (do we smell a Director’s Cut?), or make that great joke you just thought of in the shower, you now have the power.

If you’re a streamer or a mod, don’t worry, you’ll have the full arsenal of chat moderation tools available to keep your uploads clean. Some chat settings will carry over automatically, and there’s a new Moderation tab on your Dashboard that Channel owners and Moderators can use to review messages, track replies, and respond to viewers as they discuss your videos.

Uploads are an evolving feature, and we want to know what you think. You can share and vote for ideas in the Uploads Product Forum or head to the Twitch Server to talk to other users about how you’ll use the feature. To learn more, visit our Guide to Chat on Videos.

The new chat experience on uploads will begin rolling out today on select channels, but all channels will have access in the coming weeks. People like to say “you just had to be there,” but there’s no reason the best Twitch moments can’t live on, or even get better in time. With chat for uploads, they finally can.

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