The Latest Discord Update Features Audit Logs And A New Settings UI

The latest Discord updates features audit logs and a new settings UI. Below are all the bullet points of the new update, we do have to say the new settings UI is very clean. Make sure to hit the refresh button to see all the reflected changes.

  • Audit Logs are here so you can know who what when where and why your admins did a thing. Cross that off the “whenplz” list.
  • Fancy new settings UI because the other one wasn’t gonna work moving forward. Sometimes you really gotta froth the f**k out of something to get the best brew.
  • Fortunately, the logout button is now easy to find in the new settings. Reclaiming your soul is easier than ever!
  • Message sound is no longer bound to desktop notifications being on. Get your beeps without your sweeps.
  • Windows desktop notifications should now always take you to the right message. All it took was a 12 step program.
  • Desktop notifications clear automatically when clicking on the related Discord channel instead of the notification (for Windows this requires Creator’s update due to a Windows bug).
  • Push notifications are smarter. You will now only receive a max of three notifications when a channel, server, or group DM begins talking because you really don’t need to hear Blake and Mikey talk about high performance cars for an hour (you’ll still get any @mentions thrown your way). This resets after ten minutes of no one talking or if you come back online.
  • Friend requests and suggestions put on a sweet pair of sunglasses and are now respected by your desktop notification settings.
  • Right click and invite to server now always works 🙂 hehehehe
  • Extracting link information has never been sexier. For example:
    • Tweets look nicer.
    • XKCD is supported.
    • Favorite GIF services should embed faster.
    • Content is better sanitized from many sites. Less icky.
  • NSFW Channels now exist. Please mark your NSFW zones. The explicit content filter will only remove illegal content in these channels.

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