‘The Flagship’ Stream Team Launches on Twitch

The Flagship stream team announced its official launch today ahead of upcoming activities at Twitchcon. The business group, founded by career Twitch broadcasters DeejayKnight, Smashley, DasValdez, DanieltheDemon, TVSBOH, and BadNewsBaron, aims to steer the larger Twitch streaming community in a more inclusive and interactive direction, while remaining committed to their values of community, friendship, and top quality entertainment.

The Flagship is a variety broadcasting team dedicated to bridging the gap between gaming communities and developers. Through teamwork and entertainment, our goal is to bring the energy, professionalism, and excitement of competitive gaming teams to live events, game launches, and charity.

Though the six streamers involved are from different backgrounds and communities, they share a passion for gaming broadcast entertainment and a desire to bring a higher standard of professionalism to the relationship between influencers and industry professionals. By harnessing the energy of esports team fans and bringing it to variety content broadcasting, they hope to reinvent how Twitch teams interact with each other and create a one of a kind stage presence.

The flagship will hold its first group broadcast Saturday, September 23rd 2017 at 12:00pm EST, followed by a week of giveaways to celebrate the launch. Each broadcaster will be appearing on their respective channels.

The Flagship will hold a panel at Twitchcon entitled WINNER WINNER PARTNER DINNER: The Three Rules for Surviving Twitch at 3:00pm Saturday, October 21st, in the PJSugar theater.

See more details via their press release here.

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