The Discord Friends List is now Live! Here is how to Use it

RIP Skype, the Discord Friends List feature is now live! If you haven’t re-started your Discord yet, the update will automatically be applied once you re-log. Below is a short tutorial on the friends list, start adding all your buds!


The friends list screen is found by clicking the Friends button at the top of your direct messages.

There are four tabs in the friends list screen. Notice that “blocked” tab? Yeah, you can block those annoying people now. #blessed

Moreover, you can choose who is allowed to send you direct messages:

  • Friends only.
  • Friends and people you share a server with.

For those of you wondering, the server-based interactions that you’ve come to know and love on Discord remain the same. The friends list is neatly tucked away if you choose not to use it.

Adding Friends and Discord Tags:

So how do you actually add someone to your list of friendship?

You’ll need to know their username and Discord tag. For example, it’ll look something like “MobBarley#1592.”

You can find your tag by looking in the bottom left under your avatar and username.


It’s also in your user profile to the right of your username as seen below. You can even send a friend request by clicking on the big ol’ green send request button in another persons profile.

(Psssst, in case you didn’t know, you can access profiles by clicking someone’s username or avatar in a server and then choosing the profile option).


You can also type this into the top-left part of the friends tab to send a request.


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