Teespring’s Partnership With Twitch Is Coming To An End In Less Than A Month

Ended soon

Twitch has had a long standing partnership with Teespring to provide the community with broadcaster apparel. Unfortunately the partnership is coming to an end on Monday July 24, 2017. This means you will no longer be able to have the Twitch branding on the sleeve of the t-shirt and hoodie options.

If you currently have a Teespring account, it isn’t going away. You can still receive the full benefits of Teespring including higher profit margins and other product options. For full detailed information, you can read their blog article about the split here.

If we were to guess, we’d suspect Twitch will soon announce a merchandise program through Amazon. With Twitch/Amazon Prime taking off the way it did and as that relationship grows deeper, it only makes sense to use that avenue. I’m sure we’ll see Twitch branding on broadcaster apparel again in the near future

For those who want to explore other production options, we put together a few that have been predominant in the live-streaming industry.

  • DesignByHumans – DBH Gaming is a USA based company. They offer a wide arrange of products and they have great deals on shipping for international viewers. The majority of Twitch broadcasters have web stores with DBH, it’s one of the best options.
  • FanFiber – FanFiber is an Amsterdam based company that has a large roster of clients. They offer a wide array of products: T-shirts, caps, sweaters, hoodies, plushes and special items. They certainly seem to be making headway in the live-streaming industry when it comes to production. Excited to see what they offer next.
  • Ownaj – Ownaj is a USA based company. They are a full service clothing company from concept to creation. They work with YouTube and Twitch broadcasters to design, manufacture, and print clothing and other original products for their clients.

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