Swiftor’s New York City Streamer Meetup #2 Recap

On June 30th, Swiftor held his second New York City Streamer meet up at Barcade in Manhattan, New York. The turnout was great with 30+ streamers attending the event. Being at Barcade, the setting was different than the first event. Casters could play their favorite video games while eating the delicious food Barcade offers. Swiftor was a great host making sure everyone was comfortable and had a good time.

Speaking with streamers from the tri-state area was a great experience. Whether they were large streamers or small, the overall atmosphere and vibes of the night were very genuine and in good company.


We spoke with Erick Rodriguez from Stream Overlay Pro who is working on a great program for streamers that need overlays. He gave us a tutorial of how the program will work. Stream Overlay Pro should be in beta within the next few months and will definitely help people who need overlays for their stream that are just starting out.

Andy L from Sandbox Strategies was in attendance, dropping knowledge to everyone who had questions about streaming, games, and anything else he could answer. Andy is well versed and is working on some great upcoming projects that you will see in the near future.

Wolv21 was also at the meetup. It was great meeting him and chopping it up, he is actually one of the first streamers we started watching on Twitch some 2.5 years back. Which later led us to discover other streamers and being fully hooked to Twitch.

It was great talking to Kevin, Blades, Mike, and Ghost. Make sure you give them a follow on Twitch and on their Twitter accounts. Ghost had a great promotional item with his GhostZoneGaming brand on silicon bracelets.


And at last we have the man of the hour, the guy who makes all this possible, Swiftor. Swiftor was a great host for the second streamer meetup. Providing appetizers for everyone who attended. One thing we can say about Swiftor is a very humble man, making sure he made time in the three hour time slot to talk to everyone who showed up. It’s no surprise to why he is one of the best streamers on Twitch. He definitely goes the extra mile for his and the Twitch community. Thanks to Swiftor for making the second New York City meetup happen. We look forward to the third one in the future!


Protip: If you go to the next streamer meetup, make sure you print business cards. This makes it a lot easier for people to contact you especially at a high volume meetup. It’s a great way to promote your channel and social media accounts by handing someone a dope business card. You can print them through Vista Print, and many other outlets online.

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