Swag Your Xbox One Avatar Out In A Purple TwitchCon Hoodie

For those who always wanted a Purple Twitch Hoodie, you can now obtain one for your Xbox One Avatar. Ok, we know it’s not the same thing as real hoodie, but it’s the next best thing.

If you are registered for TwitchCon, your avatar will receive a special edition TwitchCon hoodie. If you have a TwitchCon badge, you don’t ned to do anything else to get your redemption code. They will be emailed out with details after TwitchCon.

For those who cannot make it to TwitchCon, all you have to do is watch at least 15 minutes of TwitchCon content on your Xbox One and you’ll receive a TwitchCon t-shirt for your avatar. Below are the TwitchCon channels that will count towards the digital avatar content.

via Twitch Blog

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