StreamLabs: Livestreaming Brings Alerts To Your IRL Streams

You know StreamLabs as one of the de facto choices when it comes to your stream overlay, but this week they’re announcing a mobile app that is worth at least a few minutes of your attention. The Streamlabs:Livestreaming app allows you to stream IRL to your Twitch or YouTube channel from your mobile device, without sacrificing the rich experience that Streamlabs brings to your stream. You know you feel naked when you don’t know about every Sub that comes through.

I’m impressed with the initial app offering. The feature set is rich here. Not only can you stream to either Twitch or YouTube, but Mixer, Periscope, Twitter, and Facebook Live are all coming soon. Streamlabs’ full library of bells and whistles is available to you right from your pocket communicator:

+ Send mobile video to your platform of choice (such as Twitch or YouTube). App works everywhere.

+ Real-time alerts and widgets for, including donations, subscriptions, follows and other interactions that work out-of-the-box with Twitch and YouTube channels

+ Browser-source support, to add other 3rd-party widgets

+ 500+ customization settings for image filters, stream info, bitrate, widgets and other sources.

+ Full-featured live chat

+ Simple, intuitive navigation that makes it easy to engage, monetize, and stream

+Mobile broadcasting, putting the ability to go live right in your hand at the touch of a button

+Able to stream mobile games live (not at launch, beta coming soon)

While this is the most fully featured streaming app on the market right now when it comes to alerts and overlays, it’s important to note this does not support a screen broadcast. This is purely for IRL streams with your alert overlays available. Still, very exciting. Samsung is the only OEM pushing mobile streaming forward right now by allowing audio capture directly from the device. No other phone but the Galaxy S8 allows streamers to pipe audio directly from the game to the stream. It’s encouraging to see innovation from the software side.

Mobile streaming is heating up. Excited to see where it leads. In the meantime, you can download the Streamlabs: Livestreaming app from the Play Store here.

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