Streamer News Presents: Twitch Clips of the Week Part XVII

We present our Twitch Clips of the Week segment part 17!

This week’s segment has some special moments from Shindigs, DrDisrespect, Rudeism, dasMEHDI, CrReam, DizzyKitten, Annemunition, CohhCarnage, VernNotice, and TeaWrex.

If you Clip something during the upcoming week make sure you tweet it at us to be featured in our next segment.

Click here to watch last weeks Twitch Clips of the Week Part XVI

Shindigs playing Overwatch

DrDisRespectLIVE playing H1Z1: King of the Kill

Rudeism playing Overwatch

dasMEHDI playing Arma 3

CrReaM playing Battlefield 1

DizzyKitten playing Dead Space

AnneMunition playing Social Eating

CohhCarnage playing Battlefield 1

VernNotice playing Gears of War 4

Teawrex playing Destiny

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