Streamer News Presents: Twitch Clips of the Week Part XII

Stroll into the beginning of the weekend with another edition of our Twitch Clips of the Week.

Part 12 has some fantastic moments from BruiedLee, Anthony Kongphan, FotiGames, CallofCthulu, Soaryn, MrMoonsHouse, Lirik, Mang0, and MOONMOON_OW.

If you Clip something and want to share it in the upcoming week make sure that you tweet them to us to be featured!

Watch last weeks Twitch Clips of the Week Part XI

BruisedLee01 playing Gaming Talk Shows

Anthony_Kongphan playing ARK

TVSBOH playing ARK

FotiGames playing Battlefield 1

CallofCthulu playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: The Final Chapter

Soaryn playing Overwatch

MrMoonsHouse playing ARK

LIRIK playing Virtual Reality

mang0 playing Super Smash Bros. Melee

MOONMOON_OW playing Overwatch


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