Streamer News Presents: Twitch Clips of the Week Part X

It’s hard to believe we have provided our weekly Twitch Clips of the Week segment for ten weeks in a row!

Part 10 of the series brings you some of the best moments from  Summit1G, SpawnOfOdd, MANvsGAME, GoldGlove, Boogie2988, SoG_Gaming, and Towelliee.

If you find any awesome Clips throughout the upcoming week make sure you tweet them at us!

Watch last weeks Twitch Clips of the Week Part VIIII

summit1g playing Overwatch

SpawnOfOdd playing Street Fighter V

MANvsGAME playing No Man’s Sky

GoldGlove playing Worms W.M.D

ESL_Overwatch playing Overwatch

CobaltStreak playing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

Boogie2988 playing Gaming Talk Shows

Starladder_CS_en playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

SoG_Gaming playing Rocket League

Towelliee playing World of Warcraft

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