Streamer News Guide: Packing/Planning For TwitchCon 2015

Haven’t packed for Twitchcon? Feel unprepared to embrace all that this FIRST ever Twitchcentric event has to offer? No worries! According to my Twitter feed you’re in good company! Here’s a handy guide to make sure don’t forget anything important and can enjoy your time with your favorite Twitch people!

Let’s start with my  main rules for packing:

  • 1. Have your flight and hotel confirmation info available. I save mine as a screen shot in my phone’s photo album. Double check when you need to arrive at the airport and your check-in/departure times at hotels. Having a screen shot handy will save you in the event that you can’t access your email/websites due to a bad signal.
  • 2. PACK LIGHT! You may be tempted to pack shoes, outfits and accessories for a myriad of possibilities. RESIST! There’s not as much time for costume changes as you think. Also, packing light leaves room for swag! The first 1000 people every day get a free shirt! Save space! Of course, you could always just get the VIRTUAL Twitch Purple Hoodie for you Xbox Live avatar!
  • 3. In the spirit of #1, avoid checking a bag at the airport if you can. I cannot tell you how many fellow convention buddies have had their luggage lost in transit. If you MUST check a bag, be sure to keep all medication, chargers, event tickets and immediately needed personal items with you. Anything you would be devastated to lose in transit should be on your person.
  • 4. Comfortable shoes. You are on your feet exploring the convention and the city literally pounding the pavement! Flip flops seemed like a good choice to me a few cons ago because they were light, I could slip them off for airport security, and I’m a Floridian where sandals are the State Shoe. I wore the padding down to almost nothing in 3 days and incurred several toe injuries from people stepping on me. Wear comfortable walking shoes to alleviate foot and back pain.
  • 5.  A dorky neck pillow.  I finally broke down and bought one after another sleepless flight. I looked around the plane and saw all the open mouthed, drooling, 100%-out-cold sleeping patrons and thought, “How can they get comfortable enough to sleep?!” The one thing they all had in common? The exceptionally ridiculous looking neck pillow. You will look very stupid wearing it BUT it makes all the difference in catching some z’s. A rolled up hoodie doesn’t cut it. (Trust me. I tried.)

Basics covered! Now let’s talk about what to pack for TWO DAYS of Twitchcon in San Francisco, CA! The forecast calls for pretty days!  This is weather perfection for most of us!


Here is what I am packing for three days in San Francisco:

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes and comfy socks
  • 1 pair of shorts/ 2 pairs of jeans
  •  My Twitch Shirts! If you have a special edition Twitchcon shirt wear it to skip the autograph lines!
  • 1 Hoodie
  • Toiletries – most notably deodorant and mints. Do not underestimate how bad a day of physical activity and talking can make you smell. I keep this stuff in my bag during the convention.


  • Though I see all kind of attire at these parties from shorts to full on formal wear (all of which is 100% acceptable,) I suggest a happy medium of comfortable, casual cocktail attire.  Here is a quick breakdown of “dressy casual” suggestions!



  • Twitchon Badges and ID (*NOTE* If you purchased a party ticket you must pick it up at the Registration Counters on the 1st floor lobby at anytime during expo hours! Party tickets are completely sold out and are not available for purchase)
  • Twitchcon App!  Schedule your trip with the super easy to use app! The schedule is back-to-back events, panels, signings, etc over three floors so plan ahead!
  • Add the Uber, Lyft or other transportation app to your phone and browse trip advisor sites for things to do in the city if you take a break from the convention!


  • Water bottle and Hand Sanitizer. Conventions can make people sick.  Stay hydrated, cover your nose/mouth with your elbow if you need to sneeze or cough, avoid touching your nose/ears/eyes and wash your hands. We’re all sharing controllers, cards and air. Stay healthy!
  • Cash. Most places take debit, but I’ve been desperate for ones at the coat check & vending machine and cash is universally accepted in an emergency.
  • Healthy snacks. I’m bringing pistachios, trail mix and granola bars. Keep your energy level up and stave off hunger with quick snacks so you can KEEP GAMING.
  • Business Cards. If you are a streamer, dev, writer or aspiring to work in the industry this is a great time to meet like minded people who may want to work with you!
  • Chapstick and throat lozenges/mints – All that talking, laughing, oohing and awwing makes my lips and throat dry.
  • Bandaids – I always bring a box and end up handing them all out every convention to people with uncomfortable footwear, especially at the parties. Dress shoes bite.
  • Eye drops – I wear contacts and the overhead lights plus the booths’ lighting wear out my peepers.
  • Excedrin – See above. Between walking, exploring, coping and LOUD NOISES I tend to get headaches.
  • Sunglasses – Stock photos of CA have led me to believe everyone wear sunglasses in Cali all the time.
  • Tabletop Games – I opt for smaller card games so that I don’t have to carry around a board game, but this is one of the most fun ways to take a load off of your feet at a con. There is an area set up so you can hang with your friends or make new buddies!


Msocone Center



Wifi at these events is hit and miss at best in my experience so designate a meet up point for later if your concerned about getting separated from your friends.

  • Give yourself time to stop by your hotel to change clothes and fully charge your electronic devices before the night events. Travel time varies greatly with a surge of tourist, don’t stress yourself out rushing around
  • Download Discord – the official messaging app of Twitchcon!
  • Take an obnoxious amount of pictures. Last trip I tried to live in the moment instead of through a lens and regret not getting photos of my favorite people and things. Find a good balance of taking it all in and capturing enough memories on film to flip fondly through later.
  • Get with the Twitch staff while you can! DJ Wheat encouraged everyone to take advantage of the face-to-face opportunities, especially during the staff’s office hours!
  • Limited Edition Twitchcon shirts will be available for purchase! The merch shop opens at 10am and is in the Expo Hall  (1st floor) behind the Indie Game Garage next to the Free Play area. I expect those to sell out, so plan ahead!


In closing, here is the most important tip of all:  SAY HELLO TO YOUR FAVORITE TWITCH PERSONALITIES! I have never met one broadcaster who was annoyed by viewers telling them that they liked their work. Broadcasters enjoy their viewers.

Do you have any questions or need clarification on any Twitchcon activites? Let us know!

See you at Twitchcon! #bleedpurple



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