Streamer News Guide: BTTV Global Emotes – What They Mean & When To Use Them

Have you ever been in a chat room and randomly started seeing people type the same phrase (i.e. SourPls) over and over and wonder what it is? If this has happened to you then it means you don’t have the amazing web-browser  extension, Better Twitch TV (BTTV). This extension allows for a more customized experience on Twitch as well as adds a bunch of new emotes. You may be thinking, “Oh no, more emotes and I don’t know what they mean!” Don’t worry we are here to explain some of the most popular emotes that BTTV adds to Twitch.

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SourPls SourPls – Did a song just come on in a stream that you just can’t help but dance to? This emote is used to express getting down with your bad-self.

GabeN GabeN – Is the streamer hoping that the “PC master race’s” deity shines his light upon him/her? Aid in the cause with this emote.

FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan – Is sad music playing? Want to express your sorrow? FeelsBadMan is the way to do so.

FeelsGoodMan FeelsGoodMan – Are you happy? Did something good just happen to you? Show your good vibes!

DFace D: – Are you distrought and trying to get someones attention? Or did someone/something make a loud noise on stream? D: !

AngelThump AngelThump – Did the streamer just lose a life in game? Rise with him/her to the heavens.

BasedGod  BasedGod – Is Hip-Hop music playing? Are you one of the cool kids? Show everyone your swagger.

CiGrip  CiGrip – Did the clock just strike 4:20? Is an in-game character smoking? This expresses that action.

haHAA haHAA – Want to express that something is cringe? Here you go!

miniJulia miniJulia – Anytime you see the amazing Julia_Cs join chat!

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