Streamer News 1 Year Anniversary Re-Design & New Features

Can you believe it has been one year since we launched Streamer News? Time has certainly flew by since we published out first article. For our one year anniversary we wanted to do a full re-design as you can see. We took feedback from the community, peers and made the changes that were needed to take SN to the next level. Below is a breakdown of all the new features and pages we have incorporated into the site.

Thank you to everyone for the support over the past year. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the next!

The Theme: For the past 2.5 months, the Streamer News team went through hundreds of layout designs, pulled certain features we liked from our favorite websites, and just did a lot of research. We wanted something minimalistic, while keeping the same aesthetic that we are known for. We feel the theme and layout of the website represents the old SN overall feel with a new mature look.


Guides Page: The guides section is a new page on the website where you can find the best information about Twitch, streaming, and more. These guides are passed along from well educated community members to ensure the highest quality and correct information.


Interview Page: In the past it was hard to find our interview on our previous website. Now we have put the link in our header making it easy for everyone to find the interviews we have conducted in the past with everyone from the community.


New Video Layout: We spend a lot of our day watching VODS, YouTube videos, etc. Every time we watch a video we always put it in full screen or theater mode. So we thought what better way to incorporate the best of both worlds and focus on the video content from the content creator.

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