r/Twitch Surpasses 100K Subs – Heep Discusses State Of The Subreddit

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Wow, 100K subscribers to r/Twitch is a huge milestone! Congrats to all the mods and contributors to the subreddit.

In honor of the new milestone r/Twitch is making a few changes, Heep took to the Subreddit to address, below you can find the TL;DR, head over to the actual post for full details.

TL;DR of the New Changes

  • We have a new CSS theme.
  • We have a points system called Twoos.
  • We have made some slight rule changes.
  • We have some new AutoModerator filters.
  • We have the /u/TwitchSubreddit bot to automatically post search results.
  • We have a new Community Helper: /u/MiTurnerMC
  • The AMAs have been a success so far.
  • We now have a better idea of the future of TwitchDB.
  • We are working to make changes to the wiki.
  • We have some new community events and megathreads.
    • Twitch Services Megathread
    • Twitch Weekly Recap Posts
    • Best of /r/Twitch
    • Community Q&A
  • Don’t forget we have:
    • A Twitch Community
    • A Discord Server
    • A Twitter account

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