RollPlay Releases a Twitch Teespring Campaign for their 3 Year Anniversary

It has been three years since JP and company started RollPlay on Twitch. JP created a video explaining the three year anniversary Twitch Teespring campaign and the state of RollPlay. In the video he explains where Mirrorshades is right now and where RollPlay is headed in the future.

To commemorate the 3 year anniversary, RollPlay launched  a Twitch Teespring campaign and every letter within the design stands for a different campaign on RollPlay (explained below). GeersArt did a fine job with this design and congratulations to the success of RollPlay. Click the link below to purchase the shirt, it is available in two colors in men’s and women’s sizes in both t-shirts and hoodies.

Click here to purchase

From left to right:

R – Legacy
O – Dark Heresy
L – Ebin/Vigil
L – RollPlay RnD
P – Solum 
L – Swan Song
A – West Marches
Y – Mirrorshades 




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