PLAYERUNKNOWN Announces BATTLEGROUNDS Charity Invitational On Twitch

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PLAYERUNKNOWN will host their first charity invitational on Thursday May 4th on their Twitch Channel. They are teaming up with Gamers Outreach as their first charity.

The event will host 128 streamers from both NA and EU. It will be split into two sessions with 64 players from EU playing in the first 3 matches, and then 64 players from NA rounding out the event for the final 3 matches.

For the event they will run DUOS mode, with 32 teams per region. Each region will play 3 matches, with the winners chosen from those that have the highest overall placement from all 3 rounds. Participants will be announced daily until the event on May 4th.

More information on timing and match format will be available next week. Regions will be split up to ensure all participants can play on servers with the least ping possible. To ensure a fair match as possible for all involved.

via PUBG Blog & Twitch Blog

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