Pineaqples Won H1Z1’s Invitational #TakeYourShot Contest

With Twitch Con on the horizon, the annual H1Z1 Invitational is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the weekend once again. Some of the best H1Z1 players and Twitch streamers will collide in a kill-or-be-killed spectacle with one goal in mind: WINNING! Not only will they be fighting for the prestige of surviving the battle, there will be a prize-pool currently at $148,296 and that figure is still rising.

One lucky Twitch streamer by the name of Pineaqples, who has been a huge fan of the game since its release, discovered unexpectedly during his stream by an H1Z1 developer that he had won Daybreak’s #TakeYourShot contest, securing him airfare, hotel, a TwitchCon pass and a coveted seat in the Invitational.

The judges were looking for a submission that showed creativity, originality, presentation and gameplay expertise. Pineaqples’ 30 second clip, which showed off some incredible plays sniping a parachuter out of mid-air, and single-handedly taking out a geared team of 5, scored him a trip to San Diego later this month.

H1Z1 has posted this clip showing the emotional moment when Pineaqples found out live on stream that he had been selected. Getting into the Invitational is one thing, but winning it is another. Amongst the other competitors of the H1Z1 Invitational include: summit1g, LIRIK, Sodapoppin, GoldGlove, JoshOG, Trick2g, iiJeriichoii, GassyMexican, m0e_tv, Towelliee, Ellohime, sxyhxy, OPscT, CDNThe3rd, ANGRYPUG, last years first place winners Ninja and MrGrimmmz and so many more!

For those who can’t experience it in person, you’ll be able to watch the H1Z1 Invitational on October 2nd live on Twitch.

via H1Z1

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