PAX East 2016 Day 1 – Twitch Town Hall

djWHEAT and Aurleylian hosted the Twitch Townhall meeting with three major announcements. A new friends list will be implemented starting this weekend, along with Channel Feed reactions and ad-free subscriptions.

We’ve highlighted everything you need to know below.

Coming soon to Twitch:


  • Ad-Free Subs – The biggest announcement of the day, broadcasters will again be able to give their subscribers an ad-free experience.


  • Friends – create your own list of exclusive friends to see when they go live and easily utilize the whisper 2.0 system. The beta will be invite-only and those who are invited, and their friend requests double as beta invites, coming soon.


  • Channel Feed Reactions – The channel feed feature has been utilized by streamers in multiple ways and soon their community will be able to leave their reactions with a Twitch emote.


  • Creative Jumbotron Overhaul – The Creative section has been updating their site constantly and they recently overhauled their jumbotron design. Head on over to see the new updates.

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