Oddshot Announces Partnership & Opt-Out Programs

Oddshot has grown to be very popular over the past few months. At the same time they have come under fire since Streamers are unable to monetize their content on Oddshot until now.

Today, the crowd-sourced company announced they now have a new partnership program. This means that streamers now have the ability to sign up with Oddshot and monetize some of their greatest moments. On top of the partnership program they also have announced an opt-out program where you can email their legal department, and once they verify your identity, viewers will not be able to take shots of your stream.

Streamer sign-up: (via Oddshot’s official post)

  1. Sign up for the partner program here:[1]
  2. Our team will be in contact with you and will ask you to verify your identity and payment information by sending us a message via Twitch from your official twitch account.
  3. You will then receive the Oddshot Partner Agreement to sign.
  4. Get back to creating awesome content! We will payout monthly via PayPal and send you a report detailing how your videos have been performing. How can you make the most out of the partnership program? Your payout is dependent only on the total number of views your stream’s Oddshots get. So have your viewers and fans take and share your shots to the max — they’ll be helping you along the way!

To Opt-Out of Oddshot:

Email [email protected], once they verify your idenity, viewers will not be able to take Oddshots of your stream.

Disclaimer: This is a highly experimental and expensive bet we are making. We cannot guarantee that payouts will always remain stable. The amounts may fluctuate, but we will do our best to maintain a reasonable level, while still trying to create the best possible service.

We really hope you’ll love what we are building at Oddshot and we are super thankful for the incredible amounts of support we have been getting from the community.

Click here to view the official announcement

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