NPD Group Reports on Consumer Viewing Habits of esports and Streaming Gameplay

NPD Group, a market research company released a press release revealing consumer viewing habits of e-sports and streaming gameplay. The end results are pretty astonishing, below we have highlighted the key points, to view the full press release click the link below.

via NPD Group

  • 4,029 gamers were surveyed. 1,772 qualified as recent e-sports competition or streaming gameplay viewers.
  • 44% of current gamers have watched either formal e-sports competitions or informal video streaming of gameplay in the past six months
  • Those gamers average ~3 hours per watching session with 18% watching some form of video game play on a daily basis and 46% watching weekly.
  • Two-thirds of gamers are currently playing the game that they indicate watching the most, with a sizable group of gamers who are playing games they discovered by watching.
  • 69% have purchased either a full game or downloadable content because they saw someone playing it online.


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