NikitheLiger Explains how to Report PokemonGO Cheaters on Twitch

As PokemonGO continues to grow in popularity, more Twitch streamers are starting to broadcast their experiences with the app.

These streams can be really fun and entertaining but some take advantage of GPS spoofing to speed up the Pokemon finding process.

GPS spoofing cheats the system by allowing players to explore all over the world while sitting at home. This not only defeats the purpose of PokemonGO but it is against both Twitch’s and Niantic’s Rules of Conduct.

r/Twitch community helper, NikitheLiger wrote an extensive step-by-step guide on how to report Pokemon GO cheaters on Twitch with sufficient evidence. If you come across one, follow the steps below and make the community a better place.

via NikitheLiger’s Blog

  • Step 1: Find a stream that is most likely cheating and take a screenshot.
  • Step 2: Oddshot the cheating a couple of times to make sure that it isn’t just the GPS going crazy.
  • Step 3: Wait until the cheater shows his/her username.
  • Step 4: Report them to Twitch with the evidence you gathered.
  • Step 5: Go the extra mile and notify Niantic.


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