Newzoo Reports e-sports Drives 21.3% of Twitch Viewership

The growth in e-sports is one of the most fascinating areas to analyze as a marketer. Newzoo researched e-sports involvement on Twitch, with their “Twitch Tracker”, and the statistical data they found is proof of how fast the industry is booming. Below we have provided the official link and some takeaway stats.

via Newzoo

  • 21.3% of all hours watched on Twitch from July to December 2015 was e-sports content
  • As it stands, MOBA’s account for 58% of the total e-sports hours watched on Twitch, of which most hours come from Riot’s League of Legends and Valve’s Dota 2
  • Combined with Shooters (primarily Valve’s Counterstrike: Global Offensive), the two genres racked up 406.7 million hours of watched e-sports content in the second half of last year
  • In the second half of last year, Twitch generated 2,230 million viewing hours from its top 100 games, where 21.3% was e-sports content
  • The games that generate the most hours watched on Twitch and form a steady top 5 are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and StarCraft II


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