New York City Twitch Meet Up With Swiftor

Last month Swiftor posted a Twitch New York City meet up in the Twitch SubReddit. Over the weekend it was updated with an Eventbrite invitation, which is free to sign up for. The meet up is scheduled from Sunday, May 17, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT). The location is still to be determined, once the location is available we’ll let you know.

Sign up for Twitch NYC meet up here

UPDATE: Aiming for a May 17th Sunday meetup. Location will depend on # of people attending! RSVP right here:

Sup dudes. It seems like so many broadcasters are on the west coast – and I just can’t help but get jelly when my Instagram is flooded with the epic moments they have together. We’ve gotta create some magic of our own.
I know there have to be more streamers. Some folks nearby that come to mind are Wolv21, TheChief, SoCloseToToast, DZ, Smixity, HeroOfGaming – but I know there’s gotta be more. (Sorry if we met and I forgot, next hard cider is on me)

But lets get to it: Are you a streamer who lives near NYC? Reply below!
We can make good stuff happen. From just hanging out, to special streams, to regular meetups where we share knowledge and experiences. But imma be serious, I just want streamer friends in my hood :3

UPDATE 4/10/15: Great to see all you guys are down! Lets aim for something in mid-May. More info later this month!

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