N3RDFUSION Podcast #6 Available On iTunes

The N3RDFUSION Podcast #6 is now available on iTunes along with Libsyn. If you are unable to watch the YouTube video you can now download it through the iTunes store or stream it on your computer through their podcast website. Below is the description and topics for their sixth podcast, thanks to the N3RDFUSION SubReddit for putting all the resources together.

In this weeks podcast:

The N3RDFUSION Team discusses a 4 acre spider web and Amazon’s new goat rental service. Also they talk about the history of Mother’s Day and give some excellent advice on relationships and other topics that the fans emailed in.


Audio only:

Audio and video:


4 acre Spider Web:

Amazon’s Goat Rental Service:

History of Mother’s Day:

Community question for May 17th:

N3rdfusion podcast email adress:

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