Monday Night Is Officially Bob Ross Night On Twitch

#SAVED is what Twitch chat will be saying when the countdown timer ends and Bob Ross makes his return to Twitch. Every Monday, Twitch will be running one season of The Joy of Painting on Bob Ross’s Twitch channel starting at 3PM PST and ending at 9:30PM PST. There are 31 seasons, so repeats will happen only once every seven months.

Every year Twitch will celebrate Bob’s birthday by running an all-episode marathon starting on October 29th. The proceeds from the channel will go to the following:

  • The rights holders – the wonderful folks who have kept Bob’s work alive all this time
  • Root division, our local arts organization supporting artists as well as teaching children the arts
  • St Jude, an amazing cancer research organization
  • Twitch Creative community support

via Twitch Blog

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