Miss The Creative Hashtag System? Creative Streams Has You Covered

After Twitch scrapped the hashtag system to distinguish between different Creative streams, gaming network Senshudo developed their own website where you can again filter out exactly what you’re looking for.

Following the same principle, visiting Creative Streams allows you to find Creative streams that you’re particularly interested in – whether this be #painting, #music or anything else.

We believe that the Creative community is one of the most exciting and unique parts of Twitch. We know a whole bunch of you guys who are fantastically passionate and wonderful content creators. We also feel that losing the ability to effectively ‘multi-category’ your streams via hashtags has really put you in a bad spot.

We want to give you a home away from home to find each other more easily, find new faces more easily and more importantly, get found yourself. That’s all this is. We don’t gather any data for our purposes for doing this, there’s no sign-up, no fees, nothing. Any data we track from here is used to improve the service itself, and even then, that information is available via Twitch’s API.

Feedback and donations can be left on the official site.

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