itmeJP’s New Show Fandom Will Premiere at 7PM ET On Sunday September 20th 2015

Earlier in the month itmeJP made a Let’s Talk video catching his community up on recent events and discussing his new show Fandom! JP took to twitter this evening to announce the first episode will take place on September 20th 2015 at 7PM ET.

The first episode will feature Warcraft and the special guests will be Towelliee, BajheeraWoW, and devolore. For those who don’t know about JP’s new show, each show will be a different topic that the guests are huge fanatics of. For each show the logo will be altered to fit the topic of the current show. At first Fandom will start off with video game topics, but will range depending on what JP wants to cover.

This new show sounds interesting and we cannot wait to watch. JP’s production value and entertainment is always 110%, make sure you tune in on JP’s Twitch channel on Sunday at 7PM ET.


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