itmeJP Discusses What’s Next for RollPlay® [Announcement 1 of 3]

This week RollPlay® is making three major announcements.

Today itmeJP addressed the community via his Subreddit to give a sense of direction that RollPlay will be heading in.

  • RollPlay®: West Marches and RollPlay®: Swan Song are going on an indefinite hiatus. They are not killing the shows, they are simply putting them on the shelf and may or may not revisit them in the future.
  • Adam Koebel is now an official Game Master for RollPlay®. He will be contracted in an official manner to run shows for them.
  • RollPlay® is holding an AMA stream on Saturday, July 30th at 12PM EST. If you want to submit questions for the AMA you can fill out the form here.

RollPlay® is announcing a new show on Wednesday July 27th, below is a sneak preview of the branding.

This was the first of three announcement that RollPlay® will have for the community. The next two posts will drop on Wednesday and Saturday at 12PM EST.


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