Everything You Need To Know About itmeJP’s RollPlay® Flash Sale, RollPlay Star Wars, & RollPlay Maid RPG

JP mentioned a Flash Sale starting on November 25th at midnight est. That sale is now available for the next four days. You can find the link to the store below. On top of the Flash Sale he also breaks down the RollPlay Star Wars cast, and the upcoming RollPlay Maid RPG. We broke down every important detail so you can follow along with the video.

RollPlay® Flash Sale:
1. Limited Edition RollPlay on a D20 Tshirt
2. Official RollPlay® Swan Song Shirt
3. RollPlay® Mirrorshades – Bomb Threat Tee
4. Official RollPlay® – The West Marches

**Bonus: If you order any shirts from the Flash Sale, you will receive a Kappa Claus sticker**

RollPlay Star Wars:
When to watch: Saturday December 5th 3PM EST | Sunday December 6th EST (time subject to change)
Jedi – Strippin
Droid – Jesse Cox
Twi’lek – Pokket
Wookie – JP
GM: skinnyghost

RollPlay Maid:
Ezekiel III
GM: Silent0siris

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