IngameAsylum’s 2.0 Brand Reveal is One of the Most Creative Concepts We’ve Seen

Something happened over the weekend that is potentially one of the coolest community oriented reveals we have seen. IngameAsylum mysteriously disappeared from his stream on Saturday night…or did he?

If you watch the final minutes of the VOD it suddenly interrupts and a static image with the phrase “Find Me” appears on the screen. Soon after the stream goes offline, his panels change to the same image with the same phrase, and he tweeted out a link. What happens next is awesome.

Once you click the link that he tweeted out it brings you to a site. The site repeats the phrase “Find Me” with ominous music playing in the background, but there is more to it.

Ingame created intricately layered puzzles through multiple different links for his community to find out what actually happened.


His community worked together to solve each layer of the puzzle, ultimately leading to a countdown. What is the countdown for? We asked his moderator team to see if they knew. They had no idea what was going on but speculated that it’s related to the revealing of his new branding — Asylum 2.0.

You can try to figure out the puzzles yourself by clicking here or you can view each puzzle and their solutions in the dropdowns below.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 Link

If you move your mouse around below the “Find Me” phrase you will notice that the number 2 shows up. This is a treasure hunt puzzle, move your mouse around until you find a different symbol — the smiley face. Click on the smiley face to be redirected to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 Link

This page is riddled with different binary codes but some of them are a darker shade of red. Find a binary to English translator and paste each of the darker codes into the translator. Together the words will spell out the phrase “moobot knows.” The very last number within the website is 5150 go into his channel and type !5150 which will lead you to puzzle 3.

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 3 Link

This page requires audio, fair warning it may be a little loud. After away you will soon notice that a faint morse code will be played. Look up a morse code translator and listen very closely. The pattern is as follows .- … -.– .-.. ..- — which translated spells out “asylum” in English. Delete the last part of the URL up until /public/ and put asylum.html after the last slash. This leads you to puzzle number 4.

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 4 Link

This puzzle also requires audio. After listening to the audio file you will notice that it sounds like slowed down, jumbled wording. Download the audio, reverse it back and speed it up if you desire. Once reversed, the audio will give the page password — 61027190. Type the numbers into the password prompt and click submit, this leads to the final reveal.


Countdown Link

After completing each puzzle in succession, you will then reach the reveal countdown page. The page reads “It’s coming..” with a 5-day countdown and a backlink to his Twitch channel. Will there be more hints given throughout the week? His community has continued to mine the site for secrets to find out exactly what to expect.

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