Humble Bundle Announces the Humble Partners (Beta) Program

Humble recently announced their Humble Partners (Beta) program that will allow a small number of Twitch streamers to promote certain bundles.

They will be running this program for a limited time and with an exclusive amount of partners for testing. If everything goes well they plan on expanding the program.

It’s transparent

Nothing is hidden.  If you are supporting a partner, you’ll see it plainly at the top of the bundle page and the URL includes the partner’s name.

It’s humble

Our partners will receive the same treatment as game developers and charities. As with all of our bundles partners will get a default share of the purchase, but that’s just a default, customers can choose exactly where their money goes.

It supports great games and charities

Of course the best thing about Humble partners is that it supports the same great games and charities you’ve grown to love at Humble Bundle. The best games at the best prices supporting your favorite charity, and now, optionally, your favorite YouTube, Twitch, or online personality.

Click here to apply for beta partnership

via Humble Developer Blog

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