Here Is The Winner Of The TwitchCon Purple Ticket Contest & Runner Ups

There were a lot of great entries in the TwitchCon Purple Ticket contest, but there could only be one winner. During Twitch Weekly last week they announced the winner along with the 10 runner ups.

Mike Haze won the contest, with his awesome freestyle explaining why he should go to TwitchCon, which his favorite broadcasters are, and does an awesome PogChamp impression. Honestly, he knocked it out the park with this entry, if you missed out you can catch the VOD here.

Below you can catch the runner ups of the TwitchCon Purple ticket content. They were all solid entries, it must of been hard for the Twitch Staff to pick the winner.

#2 ogNdrahciR 
#3 Eldirtysquirrel
#4 GL1513
#5 Freaky_Pinky
#5 SmashStudios
#6-10 (in no particular order) My_Goggle, Daylightful, GhostZoneGaming, Dinky_Dana, BorderlandGames

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