Here Is The Twitch PAX Australia 2015 Schedule

PAX is always a great event, from gaming to the tabletop aspect, and the best part – it’s always streamed on Twitch! PAX Australia 2015 has officially started, below you can find the schedule for Friday Day One (GMT+11).

Twitch will be streaming PAX Aus 2015 from October 30th to November 1st and the main stage can be watched here. If you want to see more specific Twitch events (i.e. PJ Sultan Down Under) then check it out here.

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Twitch at PAX Australia:


10:00 AM – Welcome to PAX Australia!
10:45 AM – American MAN vs Australian Man
12:00 PM – PJSaltan: Down Under
2:15 PM – Partner Spotlight: Excessive Profanity
2:30 PM – Vetor 36
3:00 PM – Tahira
3:30 PM – Hipster Whale – Pac Man 256
4:00 PM – DayZ
4:15 PM – Unravel
4:45 PM – Day 1 Wrap-Up


10:15 AM – Welcome to PAX Australia – Day 2!
10:30 AM – Mount Your Friends
10:45 AM – Axis of Awesome
11:00 AM – Defiant Development
11:45 AM – Masters of Orion
12:00 PM – Blizzard and Esports
12:30 PM – Twitch Weekly
1:00 PM – Total War: Warhammer
1:30 PM – Mighty Games Group
2:00 PM – Halfbrick
3:00 PM – PJSaltan: Down Under
4:45 PM – Day 2 Wrap-Up


10:15 AM – Welcome to PAX Australia – Day 3!
10:30 AM – Gangbeasts
11:00 AM – Hacknet
11:15 AM – Super Mutant Alien Assault
11:30 AM – Western Press
11:45 AM – Screencheat
12:00 AM – Tempo Storm Vs PAX Australia
2:15 PM – Knuckle Sandwich
2:30 PM – Naughty Dog
3:00 PM – Project Columbus
3:15 PM – Assault Android Cactus
4:00 PM – Halo 5
4:45 PM – Farewell, PAX Australia!

PAX AUS Main Theatre Stream:


10:30AM: Storytime with Warren Spector
11:30AM: Penny Arcade Q&A
12:30PM: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – A Window to the Future
1:30PM: Rooster Teeth
2:00PM: The Personal Creation Story of Unravel
3:00PM: Good Game – Ask Us Anything
4:00PM: Twitch Town Hall: HELLO AUS!
5:00PM: The 1st Annual PAX Food Fight
6:00PM: Dayz: the Road to Beta
7:00PM: Gabe, Tycho, and Friends
9:30PM: Insert Coin & Big Head Mode present Bonus Stage


10:30AM: Penny Arcade Make a Strip
12:00PM: The Future of Gaming: What’s Next For the Way We Play?
1:00PM: Master of Orion: Rebirth of a Legend
2:00PM: Just Cause 3 – Choose your own Chaos
3:00PM: Good Game – Ask Us Anything
4:00PM: 28 Plays Later with Kris Straub and Paul Verhoeven
5:00PM: Geek Bomb vs. Big Head Mode Ultimate Trivia Showdown
6:30PM: Let’s Play Deus Ex With Warren Spector
7:30PM: Omegathon Round 4 – Super Avalanche 2
8:00PM: Saturday Night Concerts: Doubleclicks, Axis of Awesome, MC Frontalot, presented by PlayStation Music


10:30AM: Naughty Dog presents Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
11:30AM: Child’s Play Charity Live Auction
12:30PM: Being a Gaming YouTuber in Australia
1:30PM: CD PROJEKT RED Presents: Quest Design for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2:30PM: Penny Arcade Q&A #2
3:30PM: Dragon Friends: A Dungeons & Dragons Comedy Show
5:30PM: Omegathon Final Round


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