Here Is An Update Of When You Should Expect Your TwitchCon Badges

Earlier this evening a post was made on the Twitch Subreddit asking when should people expect their TwitchCon tickets. As always the Twitch Staff responded immediately, below you can see a response from Hassan. Everyone be patient, they should arrive sometime next week.

Hassan via Twitch Subreddit:

“Just checked in with the team and things look like they have already started shipping out. Folks should start receiving their tickets next week. I believe these are going out via USPS First Class Mail.

Please also be aware that Twitch isn’t shipping things out directly. It’s a 3rd party that has printed the individual badges and is sending them your way. Not sure where they ship from, but somewhere in the United States.

Folks in Europe, your tickets will be at Will Call during TwitchCon. You will need to bring your confirmation email.”

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