Here are the Results from the Official r/Twitch Chat Moderation Survey

The results from the official r/Twitch Chat Moderation survey are in. The survey received 461 responses from the community, below we have highlighted some of the key points. For the full survey click the link below to check it out.

Click here to view the results

  • 461 participants
  • 50% of the users had/used to have Twitch Turbo
  • 48% would like to see a “Follower only mode”
  • 64.2% would like multiple levels of moderator, each with different permissions
  • 73.5% would like “sticky” messages that are pinned to the top of chat
  • 80.9% would like to allow moderators to highlight messages of importance for the streamer
  • 50.8% would like to only allow accounts over a certain age into Twitch chat
  • 51.2% want to allow moderators to “shadowban” users
  • 67.2% want a “/purge” command for moderators

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