Here Are 5 Awesome Twitch Emote Cross-Stitch Keychains Sirithre Made

Sirithre has been hard at work creating fantastic Twitch Emote cross-stitch keychains. She’s made over 85 in 2015 and plans on giving them away at PAX South 2016. The cross stitch emotes make a perfect keychain, take a look at some of the other emotes she created in the past.

Rahhzay - rahhzLove

Rahhzay – rahhzLove

PixelMonkeyGaming - pmgHUG

PixelMonkeyGaming – pmgHUG

TheGreatGQ - ggqHeart

TheGreatGQ – ggqHeart

Rowtendo - rowHeart

Rowtendo – rowHeart

Tessachka - tessHUG

Tessachka – tessHUG

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