H1Z1 Test Server Now Live

If you want to participate in the H1Z1 test server it is now live. All you have to do if follow the easy steps below and you will be able to help the devs push out upcoming stable builds. Take a look at the Reddit post below and head to the SubReddit to discuss.

If you purchased H1Z1, you should now be able to download the new Test Server. You will see it in your Steam library directly under H1Z1. We will be using this Test Server to have you help us QA our builds before we push them to Live. Think of it as Early Early Access.
With your help we should be able to push out much more stable builds. Keep an eye on Reddit and Twitter for when we push a new build to the Test Server and what is going onto it.
Participating in the Test Server is totally on a volunteer basis but the more people who do test a build, the better it will be. Thanks in advance for the people who want to participate.

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