Gold Glove Launches ‘The Adventures of Gold Glove’ Neon Mob Series

If you are fan of Gold Glove, you’re going to want to sign up for his Neon Mob series ‘The Adventures of Gold Glove.’ For those who aren’t familiar with Neon Mob, they are a digital collectibles platform. They publish digital series of illustrations and animations that can be collected, traded, and displayed across web and mobiles devices. Think of it as trading Pokemon or Magic cards, just digitally.

Anyways! Gold Glove launched a new series titled ‘The Adventures of Gold Glove’ with Neon Mob. We even got hit up a few times for some trades of the rare prints we unlocked! Make sure to share what you opened via social media, some have even put these prints as their iPhone backgrounds. The cool part of this new series, is each printed is linked to a YouTube video that is in reference to the portrait, we have to say this is a super dope concept by Goldy and the Neon Mob crew.

Gold Glove teased a photo on his Instagram of physical prints from the Neon Mob series, no word if you will be able to order. But we are sure a few of you wouldn’t mind having some of these prints hanging on your wall.

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