Gold Glove & FemSteph will Captain Two Gears of War 4 Horde Teams at PAX West 2016

This week at PAX West, Microsoft is showcasing the next evolution of Horde mode arriving in Gears of War 4.

Team Captain’s Gold Glove and FemSteph will each lead a squad composed of star Gears players featuring Actabunnifoofoo, SoVindictive, GuyBlaze, VernNotice, Falloutt, ImCoty, LucyMaeGames and Crream.

The two teams will compete to survive 50 brutal waves in the all new mode. May the best team win.

When: Saturday September 3, from 6:30PM PDT
Where to watch: Twitch.TV/PaxArena | Twitch.TV/Xbox | Twitch.TV/GearsofWar


via Major Nelson Blog

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