Forbes: Twitch Cheering Feature is Generating Millions

Toward the end of June 2016, Twitch released their new donation feature “Cheering” and the overall feedback at the time was mixed. Some felt it was a step in the wrong direction while others could see it’s true potential. Fast forward to present day and according to Forbes it’s already generated millions of dollars.

During TwitchCon 2016, it was announced that there were 166,148,917 bits used to cheer for broadcasters in only three months. After converting that results in a little bit over $2 million spent by the community to support their favorite broadcaster.

If you are unclear on the conversion rate, one cent is given to the streamer directly for each bit used which results in 30% going toward Twitch directly. Cheering is starting to blossom into a great feature and we cannot wait to see more streamers have access to it.

via Forbes

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