EVO2015 On Twitch Killed Viewership Records

It’s cool to the the number statistics from events that are streamed on Twitch. We know E3 was a huge success for Twitch, now they can add EVO2015 to the list. Below are the metrics for EVO2015, as you can see they were positive by very high percentages, destroying all previous viewership records from the past.

  • Total views: 18,854,340 (+112.8% YoY)
  • Unique viewers: 3,888,620 (+66.7% YoY)
  • Minutes watched: 350,687,100 (+63.8% YoY)
  • Peak concurrent viewership: 248,000 (+75.2% YoY)

For the full read, you can head over to the Twitch Blog, another milestone for Twitch.

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