Everything you Need to Know about the new Stream Team: New Game Plus

Earlier this morning a new stream team was unveiled as New Game Plus. The team includes CohhCarnage, Bikeman, Ellohime, Anthony Kongphan, EatMyDiction, FuturemanGaming, and Tangent Gaming. The announcement was well executed and included awesome artwork from TheMeowYin.

So, what is New Game Plus? NG+ is a group of professional streamers, who are all stations in their own regard, working together to further their career on Twitch. It is designed from the ground up with teamwork in mind, group sponships/promotions and “Twitch End-Game” as a focus.

For the full breakdown, head over to the Cohhilition website for Cohh’s full explanation along with what is happening with the already existing Cohhilition stream team. We can’t wait to see what NG+ will bring to the industry, the team sure is stacked with all stars!

Click here to read Cohh’s announcement


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