ESPN SportsCenter Highlights Woshige VS Ogawa Premature Celebration At EVO2015

Over the weekend EVO2015 was held in Las Vegas, and it was a sick tournament. Earlier today ESPN SportsCenter highlighted the Woshige VS Ogawa premature celebration. If you didn’t see what happened here is the TL;DR, Woshige thought he had won and celebrated too early dancing around on the stage. Right when he noticed the game was still going on he picked up his arcade pad but it was too late, Ogawa already defeated him.

It’s awesome that SportsCenter highlighted EVO2015, Dan Patrick also spoke briefly on it during his show, the highlight for that video can be seem below. Granted, they were pretty snarky about it, but it’s still cool to see Evo2015 on DirectTV Sports Network.

via FreakishAlloy

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